Yale YDR 3110


Yale YDR 3110 digital lock is one of the most affordable digital locks in the market. The price went down a lot as it is not a new model. However, it is still very reliable and not compromising on its performance. In some cases, the door frame has to be chiselled in order to install the bracket (see picture), else you may want to choose a deadbolt type of digital lock. Watch intro video!

All our digital locks are authentic and from local distributors with standard warranty. Installation is free and done by our professional and experienced installer with many years of digital lock/gate installation experiences. If the digital lock does not fit your door/gate for any reasons, we will gladly offer you a full refund or no charge. Thus, for digital locks you can choose to pay by the $0 Payment till Work Completion option during checkout. This is to assure our customers that everything works before they pay. Customers are our first priority.

At HomeGeeks, we strive to provide you with the best prices and quality with the goal to offer you the best online shopping experience with us!

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