Tecno 90cm Slim Line Designer Hood with Maxi-Flow Motor TCH 900SS


The Tecno 90cm Slim Line Designer Hood TCH 900SS has maximum airflow efficiency and ultra low noise with the latest maxi-flow motor. The twin motors are not only for added power and suction uniformity, they also have excellent lifespan as the coated aluminium blades provide excellent corrosion resistance while generating increased airflow. It has strong power up to 650m3/h. It also come with 3-Ply washable aluminium filters for efficient removal of grease, charcoal filters for effective removal of cooking odors, LED down lights, stainless steel with fully welded edges, and 3-speed mechanical controls. Refer to picture for detailed dimensions. Bundle deals (Hob + Hood) are also available for this model, refer to our hob products for available bundle deals.

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