Smoby House on Stilts


The Playhouse on Stilts is perfect to have fun with friends and develop imagination! Like real adventurers, your children will be able to reach their hut thanks to the ladder. Set on a 70cm high platform, the playhouse gives an unobstructed view of the garden. Thanks to the half door and the 3 windows on the different facades, your little adventurers will have an eye on everything! While one of your children will have fun with the slide, the other will be able to imagine thousand stories on the house’s porch! Your little ones will be able to play hide and seek thanks to the 2 sliding shutters which will enable them to win the game! This hut will quickly become their favourite place to have fun all day long! In addition to being made with solid materials, this playhouse is anti-UV treated to guarantee its sturdiness and its colours’ durability over time! It is made in France. Assembly required and we provide free assembly.

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