Polariz 4/6 Door Upright Chiller and/or Freezer PLR-TLU 1275RR/FF/FR/ TLU 1880RR/FF


The Stainless steel Polariz 4 or 6 door upright chillers and/or freezers are suitable for commercial use, e.g. for foodcourts or restaurants. You can choose to purchase either all 4 door compartments as freezers (PLR-TLU 1275FF), or all 4 as fridges (PLU-TLU 1275RR), or mixed with 2 fridges and 2 freezers (PLU-TLU 1275FR) among the 4 door compartments. For 6 door models, there are only options of 6 door freezer compartments (PLU-TLU 1880FF) or 6 door fridge compartments (PLU-TLU 1880RR). Temperature for freezer is around -15 to -20°C and fridge is around 2 to 8°C. Take note that water outlet on the floor is required.

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