EuropAce 2-In-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner EHV W80

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The EuropAce 2-in-1 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner EHV W80 has 12 KPA powerful suction with durable DC motor for more efficient cleaning. It has a 1.3kg lightweight body and lasting battery. It’s multi stage cyclone filtration (e.g. HEPA) can physically clean most dirts in the early stage of filtration. It comes with multiple brush tools to clean any flooring materials, and a long and sleek tube which makes it easy for cleaning places at high, low and narrow ends. It has a flexible rotation and easy to clear one press open design. Accessories included are electrical floor brush, fur brush, extension tube, long flat tip, vacuum hose, power adapter, wall mount and screws.

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