Ariston 15/30L Andris2 Storage Water Heater LUX 15/30


Ariston Andris2 LUX series are the 2019 models with titanium heating element (life time warranty) for reducing scale deposit and better protection against water corrosion, AG+ technology to inhibit bacteria proliferation in inlet to provide cleaner water to users, and Titan shield technology for best tank protection. Thanks to the titanium enameled and enhanced Mg anode. The inner surface is double protected against corrosion. Enamelled with a layer of titanium coating, anode to prevent oxidation reactions, prolonging the life span of heater. Italian art design by Umberto Palermo, the modern shape with sleek aesthetic finishing, no visible screws shown at front panel. You can also have peace of mind for total safety with thermal cut-off, thermostat and pressure relief valve. You can choose between the 15L capacity LUX 15 or the 30L capacity LUX 30.

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